Holiday Shopping Ideas For Needy Sexy People

Can’t decide what to buy for all of those sexy people in your life this holiday season? Tired of giving lingerie and novelty underwear year after year? Let me make things easy for you by sharing a list of sex-related reading material, films, and novelty gifts that are sure to be a hit, regardless of whether you’re buying something for a lover, a friend, or a lucky stranger in a White Elephant or Naughty Santa gift exchange.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm (VIDEO)

In this TED talk, author Mary Roach describes ten facts about orgasm. Although these facts are somewhat obscure and won’t necessarily impact your own sex life one way or another, they will certainly entertain you and perhaps even make for some great cocktail party conversation! Among the many fascinating topics addressed is the idea that genital stimulation is not necessary to produce orgasm. In fact, Roach details cases of people who can bring themselves to orgasm through activities as mundane as touching their eyebrows and brushing their teeth.

Other topics include “in-utero masturbation” (yes, you read that right), the possibility of orgasm after death, and the fact that “the big o” can cure chronic cases of hiccupping (no need to hold your breath or breathe into a paper bag anymore!). As is that weren't enough, you will also learn my new favorite sex fact: “Cheese crumbs spread before a pair of copulating rats will distract the female, but not the male.” Sometimes I wonder why scientists study anything other than sex…


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