Video: 10 Questions About Sex


Today, I’m answering YOUR questions about sex. I’ve put together a brief video in which I review ten questions submitted by readers of Sex and Psychology and explore what science can tell us about each one. These questions cover a very diverse range of topics, from the best sexual position for orgasm to how often people think about sex to the sexual appeal of BDSM. The specific questions are as follows. Check out the video for the answers!

1. Is it true that men think about sex every seven seconds?

2. Do any of those “natural male enhancement” products actually work?

3. How is sexual activity related to happiness?

4. What about masochism enhances sexual pleasure?

5. Can someone really be bisexual?

6. Is it a good idea to have sex on the beach? 

7. Why are people hornier when they’re drunk?

8. Can semen whiten your teeth? (And yes, I was seriously asked this question)

9. Do people in committed relationship enjoy sex more?

10. What’s the best sex position for a straight woman to reach orgasm?

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Image Credit: 123RF/Mateusz Żogała  

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