Characteristics Of Men Who Have Sex With Animals (Infographic)


Paraphilia is the term that psychologists use to refer to an unusual sexual interest. Psychologists have documented hundreds of paraphilias over the years, including fetishism, sadomasochism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Paraphilias span a wide range of behaviors and, contrary to popular belief having a paraphilia does not necessarily mean that one has a disorder. One paraphilia that has received surprisingly little research attention is sexual interest in non-human animals. The infographic below reveals some of the experiences and psychological characteristics of men who have reported sexual experiences with at least one member of the animal kingdom. There are differing opinions on whether an animal can consent to sex with a human; however, many psychologists have argued that animals cannot consent and, therefore, that such behavior is necessarily victimizing to the other creatures.

Infographic depicting psychological characteristics and experiences of male zoophiles

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