About Sex and Psychology and Dr. Lehmiller

Sex and Psychology was created in order to share the science of sex, love, and relationships in a way that is both engaging and accessible. It is departure from most of the other sexual advice websites out there, which are run by self-proclaimed experts who base their information largely upon their own personal experiences and beliefs. This is not a personal, opinion-based blog; rather, each article on here is rooted in science and actually cites the original research sources. The goal is for readers to learn responsible information about sex and relationships and to correct the numerous myths and misconceptions that actively harm our sexual health and well-being.  


This website is run by Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, who received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Purdue University. He is currently the Director of the Social Psychology Graduate Program at Ball State University and a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. Dr. Lehmiller is an award winning educator, having been honored three times with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard University. He is also a prolific researcher and scholar who has published more than 40 pieces of academic writing to date, including a textbook entitled The Psychology of Human Sexuality (2nd edition released in 2017) that is used in college classrooms around the world. Dr. Lehmiller's research focuses on topics including casual sex, sexual fantasy, sexual health, and friends with benefits. His studies have appeared in all of the leading journals on human sexuality, including the Journal of Sex Research, Archives of Sexual Behavior, and The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Dr. Lehmiller is frequently interviewed by numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, CNN.com, The Globe and Mail, and The Sunday Times. He has been named one of 5 "Sexperts" You Need to Follow on Twitter by Men's Health and one of the "modern-day masters of sex" by Nerve. Dr. Lehmiller has appeared on several episodes of the television program Taboo on the National Geographic Channel and is a frequent guest on HuffPost Live and RadioMD. He writes a regular column for Playboy entitled Hard Science, he is a guest contributor to Science of Relationships and Good in Bed, and he performs freelance writing for major publications, including VICE and TONIC. In addition, the articles he writes on Sex and Psychology have been syndicated on major websites, including Business Insider, Huffington Post, Men's Health, and Thought Catalog.

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Disclaimer: None of the information on this website should be taken as a substitute for professional advice tailored to your own individual circumstances. The information on this site, including question and answer features, are for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing a sex or relationship problem, please consult with an appropriate medical professional or therapist.


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