Dr. Justin Lehmiller is frequently interviewed by major media outlets. He has appeared on multiple television programs, including National Geographic's Taboo (episodes: "Forbidden Love" and "Prison Love"), Newsy, the talk show Me Time With Frangela, and The Weather Channel’s morning show AMHQ. He has made guest appearances on several radio and internet programs such as NPR's 1A, Radio Times, and AirTalk. Dr. Lehmiller has also been on the BBC’s Up All Night, HuffPost Live, Savage Lovecast, and several Sirius and Radio MD shows. He has been published in Playboy, VICE, USA Today, New York Magazine, Men's Health, Psychology Today, Politico, and numerous other media outlets. Dr. Lehmiller has also been named one of 5 "Sexperts" You Need to Follow on Twitter by Men's Health. See below for a series of links to selected media reports focusing on Dr. Lehmiller's research, as well as articles in which he was interviewed.

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