Sex Question Friday: How Close Are We To Having A Male Version Of “The Pill?”

Every Friday on the blog, I answer readers' sex questions. This week, we’re talking about contraception. As you know, there are many forms of birth control available for women: the pill, the patch, the NuvaRing, hormone shots, IUDs, and so on. But what about guys? Is there anything they can do to reduce the risk of pregnancy during sex aside from the old standards (i.e., condoms and vasectomies)? Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to biologically regulate male fertility than female fertility. Just think about it—is it easier to try and stop one egg per month from being released, or to try and stop up to a half billion sperm from being released per ejaculation? Despite the inherent difficultly of creating the male equivalent of “the pill,” some scientists have been hard at work and their research has yielded some promising new developments.
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