Fact Check: Do Skinny Jeans And “Excessive” Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

In a recent online survey, a sample of 1,500 men were asked to identify the most common causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). Results indicated that 1 out of 3 guys pointed to wearing skinny jeans and 1 out of 10 guys pointed to “excessive” masturbation as the primary culprits. Is there any truth to the idea that wearing tight pants or “overusing” your genitals can affect your ability to achieve erections in the future? No. There is simply no research to suggest wearing slimmer pants or underwear will cause ED (incidentally, the often cited claim that tight undies impairs sperm production appears to be exaggerated too1). And scientists have found no association between frequency of masturbation and reports of erectile problems.2 So let’s talk about the actual causes of ED and what you can do to maintain erectile health.  
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