Are Women's Economic Gains Also Their Romantic Losses?

"American women as a whole have never been confronted with such a radically shrinking pool of what are traditionally considered to be ‘marriageable’ men—those who are better educated and earn more than they do. So women are now contending with what we might call the new scarcity." [1] 

In a provocative piece entitled “All the Single Ladies” in a recent issue of The Atlantic, author Kate Bolick argues that the financial and educational gains made by women in the past few years (coupled with corresponding financial and educational losses among men) are altering the dating and mating marketplace. Bolick suggests that successful women are now confronted with a growing scarcity of good quality men, which is increasingly leading women to go it alone. Bolick’s claims are certainly provocative and intriguing, but before we draw too many conclusions, we should give these ideas a closer look.

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