No Bones About It: What Motivates Necrophilic Behaviors?

Given the popularity of Twilight, True Blood, and all of the other vampire books and films out there, it would appear that a large segment of the population is intrigued by the prospect of sex between the living and the dead. In the real world, however, sex with the dead (i.e., necrophilia) isn’t quite as it is depicted in vampire lore and most people would probably find it quite disturbing. Case in point: a 37-year-old woman in Sweden was recently arrested for “violating the peace of the dead.” This woman had apparently collected a series of human bones that she utilized as sex toys. How do we know this? Well, she made videos of her activities, which the police later found. Yeah, not so much like Twilight. Many of you probably have just one question about this case: Why? Let’s take a look at what research on necrophilia has revealed about this extremely rare sexual practice.
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