Sex and Psychology Podcast: An Interview with the Gottmans on Sex, Love, and Relationships

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I recently sat down for an interview with two well-known relationship experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman. The Gottmans are a married couple, and they’re both clinical psychologists. They are also the founders of The Gottman Institute, where they have been studying sex and relationships for decades. The Gottmans have published a number of influential academic papers and bestselling books, with their latest being Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

I cover a wide range of topics in my interview with the Gottmans, including:

  • What is the biggest takeaway or most important thing you have learned from your research?

  • What is the biggest myth or misconception about relationships?

  • What is Eight Dates all about, and who is it for?

  • Is believing in a "soulmate" a healthy way to approach relationships?

  • The idea that sex needs to be or is "supposed' to be romantic is very popular--but is it true?

  • What can couples do to improve sexual communication in their relationships?

  • Are the principles of relationship success similar for same-sex and different-sex couples?

  • What do people in sexually open relationships need to know? What relationship advice would you offer them?

To listen to the interview, you can check it out in full in the podcast below (available in the form on a YouTube video, or stream/download via the player underneath). Enjoy, and be sure to check out the Gottmans’ new book, Eight Dates!

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