How To Maintain A Great Sex Life As You Get Older


When people think about sex and aging, they have a tendency to focus on all of the things that might interfere with sexual satisfaction as we get older, such as chronic illnesses. However, it's very much possible for people to maintain a satisfying sex life as they age even if their health status changes. To learn more about this subject, I recently spoke with author Joan Price, a self-described "advocate for ageless sexuality" who has written a number of books on sex and aging, including the award-winning Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex.

In this video, Joan and I talk about what you need to know in order to maintain a great sex life as you get older. Check it out and see here for part one of my interview with Joan, in which we chat about why there isn't more research on sex and aging. 

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Image Source: 123RF/Cathy Yuelet

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