2017 Marks the 70th Anniversary of The Kinsey Institute

This year marks the 70th anniversary of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Originally founded as the Institute for Sex Research in 1947, it remains the premier institute for scientific research on sex, gender, and reproduction to this day.

In order to honor and preserve the legacy of Dr. Kinsey, the Indiana University Foundation is seeking funds to install a statue of him on the IU Bloomington campus. If you would like to contribute to this effort (as I recently did) and help celebrate the 70th anniversary of Kinsey's groundbreaking research on human sexuality, please follow this link (note that donations must be $10 or above).

To learn more about this fundraising effort, check out the video below. To learn more about Kinsey's most important scientific contributions to our knowledge of human sexuality, check out this article.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Proyecto Historiador 2

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