Video: How Do Men's And Women's Orgasms Compare?

There are undoubtably some important differences between the male and female orgasm. Among other things, men tend to reach orgasm more often, women are more likely to have multiple orgasms, and women are more likely to say that they've faked an orgasm.

However, when it comes to the actual orgasmic experience--that is, what men and women say an orgasm really feels like, as well as what goes on inside the brain during a climax--well, that's another story entirely. In fact, it turns out that male and female orgasms really aren't that different when you look at how they're experienced.

For a closer look at the ways in which men's and women's orgasms are similar and different, check out the video below, brought to us by our friends over at ASAP Science. Many of the studies they cite in this video have been covered on Sex and Psychology. If you want to read more about them, you can find them here.

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