How Close Are We To The Male Birth Control Pill?

When it comes to birth control, women have a lot of choices, including (but not limited to) pills, patches, shots, implants, IUDs, and vaginal rings. By contrast, men currently have just two options--condoms and vasectomies--both of which are far from perfect. However, scientists around the world are hard at work trying to change this.

In my latest article over at Playboy, I discuss the most promising new developments in the search for a highly effective, fully reversible male contraceptive that doesn't impede sexual pleasure or performance. These include an injectable polymer that blocks the flow of sperm through the vas deferens, hormone gels applied to the skin daily that suppress sperm production, as well as chemical compounds taken orally or via injection that inhibit the testes' ability to make new sperm. 

To learn more (including when these new contraceptives are likely to hit the market), check out the full article here

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