Mating Tricks: Sexual Deception is Everywhere in Nature

When it comes to online dating, what you see isn't always what you get. As many of you have probably discovered through personal experience, people are often less than forthright when describing themselves to potential romantic prospects on the internet. As some evidence of just how widespread this kind of deception is, a recent study of online daters in New York City found that 81.3% of the people surveyed lied about at least one thing in their profiles! 

Of course, this kind of deception is hardly limited to online dating. People lie in person, too. But what's really interesting--and likely to surprise many folks--is that humans are far from the only species that sometimes engages in deception for mating purposes. In my latest column over at Playboy, I present some of the most fascinating forms of sexual deception scientists have documented in nature, from spiders to fish to flowers. That's right--there are even some plants that practice sexual deception!

Check out the full article for a closer look at the research, as well as the reason why these mating tricks are so common. While you're over at Playboy, check out some of the other Hard Science articles I've written to learn more about the science of sex. Some of my other recent posts include: 

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