Millennials Are Almost Twice As Likely To Identify As LGB Than Generation X

Results from a new national survey reveal stark generational differences in sexual identity, attraction, and behavior in the United States today. Specifically, millennial men and women appear to be almost twice as likely to adopt a gay, lesbian, or bisexual identity compared to persons from Generation X. There was also a tendency for millennials to report higher levels of same-sex attraction and behavior.

Is this because same-sex attraction is actually increasing? Or is it because younger persons are just more willing to acknowledge such attraction by virtue of growing up in an era that's more tolerant of homosexuality and bisexuality? These data provide some support for the latter explanation, particularly for men: although millennial men were more likely to adopt a sexual minority identity than Generation X guys, these two groups were almost equally likely to report having engaged in same-sex behavior.

For a closer look at the data, check out the infographic below.

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Image Source: Besnard

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