Operation Match: Online Dating In The 1960s In America

The idea of using computers to find love and romance is something that most people think of as a very recent phenomenon; however, it turns out that this isn't a new idea at all and it has a history that dates back much further than you might suspect. Believe it or not, the very first computer dating service in the United States emerged in 1965. This service, known as Operation Match, was the brainchild of a few Harvard undergraduates (much like Facebook, which emerged a few decades later). It worked like this: participants filled out a questionnaire, mailed it in along with $3.00, and received a list of compatible matches a few weeks later based on a computer's analysis of their responses.

For a fascinating look at how Operation Match was conceived and the way it worked, check out the video below. Not only does it include interviews with the founders (some of whom went on to make other great accomplishments in life), but it also includes success stories of some of the people who matched through this program and are still together today. Enjoy!

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Image Source: 123RF.com

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