A Top 10 List Of The Most Unusual Sexual Turn-Ons

In a recent survey, I asked readers of this site to describe the most unusual thing they have ever seen that caused them to become sexually aroused. My reason for asking this question was to demonstrate that the nature of sexual turn-ons can be surprisingly diverse. Indeed, we cannot always predict when or why we might become aroused. To that end, below is a list of ten of the most interesting turn-ons from this survey along with the sexual and gender identity of the person who mentioned them.

10. “Finding out that my girlfriend cheated on me.” (Heterosexual male)

9. “A duck gang rape I saw in the park.” (Bisexual female)

8. “An artist squirting paint from her vagina as part of a live art piece.” (Heterosexual female)

7. “A cat humping a teddy bear.” (Bisexual female)

6. “Sitting in a café, I glimpsed a woman’s hairy armpit down the sleeve of her t-shirt and also smelt her underarm odor—instant boner!” (Bisexual male)

5. “Jabba the Hut from the movie ‘Star Wars.’” (Pansexual female)

4. “Seeing my father masturbating.” (Heterosexual female). [Editor’s Note: Nude relatives and incest themes were commonly mentioned—one man mentioned seeing his parents have sex in the shower, and others mentioned father/daughter and brother/sister sex scenarios)

3. “Watching someone insert a high heel into their urethra.” (Heterosexual male)

2. “’My Little Pony’ erotica.” (Heterosexual male)

1. “Watching a human female have sex with a male horse.” (Heterosexual male) [Editor’s Note: You guys and your equines! Actually, sex with horses was by far the most common of the unusual turn-ons mentioned, while sex with a dog was the second most common. And it was pretty much only men who said they were aroused by zoophilia and bestiality. In contrast, almost everyone who said they were aroused by mating animals only (no human involvement) was female. I'm not quite sure what to make of that, but it's an interesting pattern.]

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