Third Blogiversary of Sex and Psychology

Sex and Psychology is officially three years old! When I first started this blog, I never dreamed that it would reach this level of popularity. I guess I did not realize how much demand there was for research-backed information about sex; however, this is one case where I am glad I was wrong!

Thank YOU for reading the blog, sharing the articles, submitting your questions, and weighing in with your comments. Sex and Psychology is the most rewarding aspect of my job and, at this point, I can’t imagine my life without it. I hope you’re looking forward to another year of great sex [research] as much as I am! In the meantime, here are some fun facts and statistics for your reading pleasure. 

   Total number of page views in 2014: 1.22+ million

   Number of social media followers across all channels: 21,805

   Most popular article keyword (aside from sex, of course): “Orgasm” (included in 73 posts). “Sexual orientation” is the second most popular keyword (included in 53 posts).

   Most popular search term leading people to Sex and Psychology this year: “rimming” (also in the top 10 search terms were “Is rimming safe?” and “What is rimming?” Apparently, 2014 was the year of rimming. If you want to know more about this topic, here’s some reading material)

   Most unusual search term leading people to Sex and Psychology this year: “phone in vagina” (Editor’s Note: I do not recommend storing your phone in anyone’s vagina. Please buy yourself a nice phone case from Amazon instead)

   Most common question leading people to Sex and Psychology through search engines this year: “Why do couples look alike?” (Editor’s Note: And here’s the answer)

   Most read 2014 edition of Sex Question Friday: Can A Man Be Allergic To His Own Semen?

   Most watched sex research video on the blog in 2014: The Incredible Science Behind Animal Sex

   Most read infographic on the blog in 2014: Pubic Hair Removal Patterns Of College Students

Stay tuned for a countdown of the ten most read articles of the year. There are some fascinating entries on the list!

Thanks again for following the blog!

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