Will Dancing Get You Laid? (VIDEO)


“Why are we so drawn to dance, and is it really equivalent to a human mating call? More importantly, does dancing increase your potential to ‘get some?’”

In the fascinating video below, the folks over at ASAP Science take a look at the science behind dancing and come to the conclusion that our groovy might have evolved to serve a very important purpose. In fact, it was Darwin who first suggested that dance might represent some human mating ritual that has implications for survival and reproduction. How so? Dancing may be one very visible way of demonstrating your genetic fitness to potential mates. And we aren’t the only species that does this—some animals and insects also use dance to communicate their sexual desirability.

Fortunately, for those of us who are less coordinated on the floor, this video provides tips on how to dance if you want to make yourself more attractive, but the real key is to “engage and embrace your animal instincts.” Enjoy!

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Image Source: iStockphoto.com

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