Sex Question Friday: The 5 Most Popular Questions On The Psychology Of Human Sexuality


On this week’s edition of Sex Question Friday, we’re counting down the five most read articles in which I provided answers to sex questions submitted by readers of the site. As you will see, there is a common theme uniting all of these questions: “What’s normal when it comes to sex?”

As you may have noticed, I try not to use the term “normal” in my answers to your questions because sexual attitudes and behaviors are incredibly diverse and labeling certain practices as “normal” or “abnormal” implies a value judgment. My goal is not to judge; rather, my goal is to tell you what the science has to say and help you to appreciate the fact that when it comes to sex, “normal” is not just one thing. Keep the questions coming!

5. Is it Normal to Fantasize About Forced Sex?

4. My Boyfriend Likes Wearing Women’s Stockings. Is He Gay?

3. I Want To Watch My Wife Sleep With Someone Else. Is That Normal?

2. Why Do Some People Have Fetishes?

1. Why Do Men Get “Morning Wood?”

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