A Holiday Toy Shopping Guide For Girls And Boys

As we head into the holiday season, many of you will be buying gifts for children. Some of you will undoubtedly question whether the toy you've selected is gender appropriate. Fortunately, I've found the solution to this age-old dilemma! The handy infographic below will tell you whether the toy you've chosen is indeed made for a boy or for a girl.


In other words, don't get hung up on whether the gift you've selected is "meant" for a child of a particular gender. Also, keep in mind that not everyone in this world identifies as male or female. Gender isn't the two-category characteristic that so many people make it out to be. This world also consists of people who are intersexed, bigendered, genderqueer, transsexual, not to mention a whole host of other identities. 

So, instead of making gender your primary consideration in selecting a holiday toy, focus instead on choosing a toy that the child will genuinely like and enjoy.

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Image Source: Kristen Myers

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