The 10 Sexiest Stories of 2013


For my final post of the year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the most read articles on The Psychology of Human Sexuality in 2013 to see what you all found to be the most stimulating. Combined, the ten posts that follow have been read nearly a half million times and they represent an incredibly diverse range of content; however, as was the case with last year’s list, it appears that you all especially enjoy learning about the more unusual side of sex. 

With that said, I present you with the 10 sexiest stories of 2013.

10. If a Guy Asked 100 Women on the Street for Sex, How Many Would Say Yes? 

9. A Top Ten List of Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Football, Threesomes, Star Wars and More (Editor’s Note: This was the #3 entry on the list last year.)

8. Does Penis Size Actually Affect Female Sexual Pleasure?

7. Panting, and Moaning, and Screaming, Oh My! Why Noisy Sex is Better Sex

6. The 5 Strangest Things Discovered Inside Women’s Vaginas

5. Death by Sex: 5 of the Most Unusual Sex-Related Deaths (Editor’s Note: What was I saying about you all being interested in the stranger side of sex?)

4. What Do Men and Women Focus On When They Watch Porn? The Answer Will Probably Surprise You (Editor’s Note: This was the #2 entry on the list last year. It turns out people like reading about porn!)

3. Characteristics of Men Who Have Sex With Animals (Infographic)

2. Oddities in the History of Contraception: From Coca-Cola Douches to Beaver Testicle Tea

1. Women Reach for Red and Pink Clothes During Ovulation

Thanks again for reading, and here’s to a safe, healthy, happy, and very sexy 2014!

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