Strange Sex Crimes: Attempted Murder By Oral Sex


It’s a given that some amount of conflict will occur in any relationship. However, every couple deals with conflict in their own unique way, with some couples giving each other the silent treatment, others taking turns sleeping on the couch, and some resorting to shouting matches. However, a few people take things to the extreme and actually attempt to kill their partners [1]. We’ve all heard media reports about this kind of thing before, but a recent story broke that involved the most bizarre method I’ve ever read about for attempting to kill a partner: a poison-laced vagina and a request for oral sex.

Several national and international media outlets have run stories over the past few days regarding the case of a Brazilian woman accused of attempting to murder her husband with a highly unusual weapon.  Apparently, the woman put some unspecified poison in and around her genitals before luring her partner to bed and asking him to perform cunnilingus. The husband was allegedly up for the task until he noticed an unusual scent emanating from his partner’s vagina.

In an ironic twist, the husband ended up taking his wife to the hospital (presumably because she started showing signs of poisoning) where she confessed her crime and doctors managed to save her life. Reports claim that she had apparently inserted enough poison inside herself to kill two people. Although charges against the wife have not yet been filed, it is probably a safe bet that they will appear in the near future.

There are two morals to this story. First, and most obviously, attempting to murder your partner is never a good idea, no matter how mad you are at them. There are far more effective ways of dealing with relationship conflict that begin with learning effective communication skills. And if you are in any way contemplating killing your partner, it is time to seek professional help. Second, lacing your vagina with poison is actually a highly effective way of killing yourself because its internal lining consists of a mucus membrane that is quite absorbent. In fact, putting poison anywhere inside your body (whether it is your vagina, anus, mouth, or elsewhere) will serve to poison you first and foremost. The more you know.

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[1] Shackelford, T. K. (2001). Cohabitation, marriage, and murder: Woman‐killing by male romantic partners. Aggressive Behavior, 27, 284-291.

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