Remote-Controlled Sex Toys Add A Whole New Dimension To Phone Sex


A persistent lack of physical intimacy has always been one of the greatest challenges facing the partners involved in long-distance romantic relationships. While they can indeed have phone sex and cybersex, anyone who has been in one of these relationships will tell you that it is not quite the same [1]. However, recent advances in sex toy technology (known as "teledildonics" to you techies) may soon change all of this.

Specifically, a company called LovePalz now offers a set of remote-controlled sex toys that communicate via your smartphone. There are two different types of toys available: “Zeus,” which is essentially a high-tech version of a penile masturbation sleeve, and “Hera,” which is pretty much a standard vibrator. The way these gadgets work is that your toy senses your movements and then wirelessly relays them to your partner's corresponding toy through your phone. Thus, Zeus will record the speed of thrusting and relay it to Hera, which will match the tempo. Hera, in turn, has pressure sensors that communicate with Zeus to adjust tightness of the sleeve.

In case you were wondering, these toys aren’t just for heterosexuals—you can buy them in any combination you want (e.g., Zeus and Zeus, or Hera and Hera) to fit your sexual needs. LovePalz doesn’t exactly explain how all of the different pairs work, but I would assume that if you have two of the same toys, one would just mirror the other and you would have to decide who was going to control it or take turns. LovePalz may also be an option for people in long-distance polyamorous relationships because you have the option of adding as many partners as you want to your LovePalz “friend list,” which is what enables your device to communicate with others.

It is worth noting that these toys are supposedly completely waterproof, so you have the option of using them in the bathtub or shower in you so desire. And lastly, if you have a fetish for gold-plated sex toys, you’re in luck—you can purchase a 24K gold set for a mere $10,000.

Check out the videos below if you want to learn more, or click here to buy your very own.

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[1] Neustaedter, C., & Greenberg, S. (2012, May). Intimacy in long-distance relationships over video chat. In Proceedings of the 2012 ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 753-762).

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