Want to participate in a sex study?

Listed below are links to ongoing studies of human sexuality by researchers around the world. You are eligible to participate in as many as you would like, depending upon whether you meet the selection criteria. 

If you are a researcher and would like your study added to this page, please email a one-paragraph description modeled after the postings below to drlehmiller@gmail.com. This paragraph should include the title and weblink/contact information for your survey, a sentence about the selection criteria (e.g., age, gender, or sexuality restrictions), and a sentence or two describing what will be asked of participants. Although it will not be posted on this page, please email the anticipated end date for data collection, as well as a note indicating whether your study has been approved by an IRB or ethics committee.

Thank you for your contributions to the science of sex! 

  • Sexual Satisfaction among Women in Relationships with Women (Widener University) - This study examines factors that may contribute to sexual satisfaction among women in relationships with women. Participation takes approximately 15 minutes and involves completing an anonymous online survey. You will also be given the opportunity to enter a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card. If you are 18 years of age or older, live in the United States, are a woman in a relationship with another woman (for at least 6 months) and are interested in participating, please click the link below. The Widener University Institutional Review Board (Protocol 94-17) has approved this research (expiration 4-8-18). The primary investigator is Heidi Beverage, LMFT, M.Ed. If you have any questions you may email her at hnbeverage@mail.widener.edu. [Added April 17, 2017]


  • The Couples Study (Griffith University) - The Couples Study is investigating the way that differences and changes in sexual desire impact individuals and their relationships.  It will only take 10 minutes to complete this interesting survey and to participate you must be over 18 years of age and in a long-term relationship. [Added April 13, 2017]


  • Survey of Internet Pornography and Sexual Function (Macquarie University, Australia) - The purpose of the study is to examine men’s use of Internet pornography and its impact on sexual function.  Participants need to be male, 18 years of age, and sexual in the last year (sexual refers to any sexual behaviour including sexual behaviour with yourself). The anonymous online survey takes 10-15 minutes and asks about your experience of solitary and partnered sexual activity; mood, anxiety and stress; and Internet pornography.  A summary of the results will be available in October 2017, can be made available to you on request by emailing Georgina at georgina.whelan@students.mq.edu.au or accessing this website [Added April 13, 2017]


  • Survey of Sexual Behavior and Attitudes (Front Range Community College) - The Human Sexuality course (PSY217-001) at Front Range Community College is currently conducting a brief, anonymous online survey investigating sexual behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, and relationship factors. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and confidential and will help students in this course understand current sexual practices in a more in-depth manner. The survey should take 10-15 minutes of your time. If you have additional questions about this study, please contact Shannon Lance, M.A., Psychology Instructor at Shannon.lance@frontrange.edu [Added April 6, 2017]


  • Exploring the Role of Gender and Sexual Orientation on Self Objectification and Body Shame (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) - The purpose of this study is to look at how strangers can affect our mind, body, and health. Participation requires that you answer a series of questions related to body and mind health, possibly read a short vignette which requests you to imagine interacting with a stranger, and then complete a final series of questionnaires. Completion will take approximately 20 minutes of your time. Restrictions - participants must be 16 years of age or older. [Added April 6, 2017]


  • Post Coital Experience Survey (Queensland University of Technology) - How do you feel after sex? There is emerging literature on the counter-intuitive phenomena of Post Coital Dysphoria (PCD), which is characterised by feelings of sadness, melancholy, tearfulness, or irritability after otherwise satisfactory consensual sex (Sadock & Sadock, 2014). This experience, depending on severity, can be very troubling for individuals and their partners and may inhibit sexual functioning. We're looking for sexually active participants of all orientations who are over 18 to complete an anonymous online survey which will take approximately 30 minutes. [Added March 12, 2017]


  • Experiences, Practices, and Desires in Polyamorous Relationships (Western University) – Are you currently in polyamorous relationships? The Western Love Lab is looking for individuals to participate in a study on relationship processes in polyamory. To be eligible for the study, you must identify as polyamorous, currently be in romantic relationships with at least two partners, and be at least 18 years old. Participation involves completion of an online survey. [Added February 16, 2017]


  • Sexual Experiences and Familial Support in Adults (University of Arkansas) - This survey is only offered in English and is open to all adults 18+ years old in the U.S. Participants can choose to include their email addresses at the end of the study to enter into a drawing of one of TEN $50 eGiftcards. This survey should take between 10-15 minutes to complete. It will ask about sensitive issues regarding sexual experiences. [Added February 6, 2017]


  • Mixed Sex Bisexual Couples Study (University of Kentucky) - Are you in a mixed sex relationship where one or both members of the couple identify as bisexual? Are you 18+ and willing to participate in a study on bisexual relationships? If so, we would love to hear from you! To gain information about the contextual features of bisexual identities and mixed sex relationships, we want you to complete an online survey, a 30-day daily electronic report, and potentially a follow-up interview. We will pay up to $35 per person as an incentive for your participation in all phases of the study. [Added January 30, 2017]


  • The Dating App Hook-Up Study (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) - Restrictions: Open to gay men only. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Participants will be asked to assess individual and environmental factors that may influence ratings of attraction towards a series of potential romantic or sexual partners. Participation requires that you read a short vignette, assess personal interest in a few male profiles (similar to that typically seen on dating apps such as “Tinder” or “Grinder”), then complete a psychometric measure of sensation-seeking behavior. This study will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. [Added January 20, 2017]


  • The Influence of Attractiveness on Sexual Health Status (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) – Restrictions: Open to gay men and lesbian women only and participants must be 16 years of age or older. Participants will be asked to provide their evaluation of the attractiveness, and risk of STI, of several faces. They will also be asked questions regarding their own level of attractiveness and sexuality. This study will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. [Added December 16, 2016]


  • Experiences of Negotiating Safer Sex with a New Partner (Central Queensland University Australia) - In response to concerns about rising rates of sexually transmitted infections in middle-aged women, we are hoping to conduct short phone interviews with heterosexual Australian women aged 45-64 years who have had sex with a new partner(s) in the past 12 months. Through providing a midlife perspective it is anticipated that the research findings will inform and enhance current understandings of negotiating safer sex in a new relationship. The findings will also have relevance to practice and policy in healthy aging and sexual health promotion. This research is undertaken by an experienced research team and includes Dr. Cathy O'Mullan, Professor Lynne Parkinson, and Dr. Joseph Debattista. To maintain anonymity, those interested in research participation are encouraged to use a pseudonym (a name other than your real name) upon initial contact and throughout the research process. If you are interested in participating, please respond via text message or phone 0435 725 528 and a Participant Information Sheet will be forwarded to you. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact: Dr. Cathy O'Mullan – Phone: 0435 725 528 Email: c.omullan@cqu.edu.au or Professor Lynne Parkinson. Email: l.parkinson@cqu.edu.au [Added December 16, 2016]


  • The Tattoo Study (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) - Restricted to only female participants (of any sexual orientation). Participants must be 16 years of age or older. The purpose of this study is to examine whether certain personality characteristics – in addition to the wearing of tattoos – is a predictor of sexual openness in female participants. Participants will be asked questions about their personality, religiosity, views of the roles of women in society, and about their sexual and tattoo history.  This study will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. [Added November 25, 2016]


  • Daily Study of Motivations and Experiences in Multi-partnered Relationships (University of Guelph) - We are looking for participants in consensually non-monogamous/multi-partnered relationships, who live in Canada or the United States and identity as having a primary partner and at least one other sexual partner. Both primary partners must be willing to participate. If you participate, you and your primary partner will be asked to complete an initial, 45-60 min survey about your relationship, your wellbeing and your sexual motivations. You and your partner will also be asked to complete a short 10 minute daily survey every day for three weeks and finish a follow up survey immediately after the three weeks are complete (approximately 35 minutes). We will also ask you to complete two short 10-minute surveys 3 months and 6 months later. Participants will be paid up to $72 each ($144 per couple). Please email relresea@uoguelph.ca for information on how to participate in this study. All genders and sexual orientations welcome. [Added November 21, 2016]


  • The Smartphone and Relationship Satisfaction Study (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) - COHABITATING COUPLES ONLY are needed for the Smartphone and Relationship Satisfaction Study. We are interested in understanding sexual intimacy and the role of technology. Please carefully read the informed consent before agreeing to participate – this is a TWO part study and requires participation from both partners. Couples will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card – odds of couples winning are 1 in 40.  Please visit this page to participate!  [Added November 4, 2016]


  • The Experiences of Sexual Assault Study (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) - FEMALES ONLY are needed for the Experiences of Sexual Assault Study. You will be asked questions regarding your experiences in an anonymous and confidential online survey.  If you are interested in contributing to our understanding of this very important topic, please visit this page.  [Added November 4, 2016]


  • Perceptions of Romantic and Sexual Relationships (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh) - The purpose of the study is to examine individual differences in adults' perceptions of romantic and sexual relationships. Adults who identify as heterosexual (straight) and are at least 18 years of age or older are encouraged to participate. [Added October 9, 2016]


  • Sexual Attitudes Survey (Ball State University) - This study examines people's attitudes toward and experiences with a variety of sexual activities. Participation will take less than 20 minutes of your time and requires only that you complete a brief survey about your sexual attitudes, personality traits, and sexual history. In order to participate in this study, you must be at least 18 years of age. [Added October 6, 2016]


  • Sexual Behaviours and Attitudes (University of Exeter) - Our study investigates the sexual behaviours, activities, and attitudes of people belonging to different groups and communities. We hope to capture the diverse and unique ways in which people experience sexuality. The study will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You will be asked to describe a recent sexual encounter and to respond to a range of questions that ask about sexual attitudes and behaviours. You must be 18 years or older to participate. [Added August 31, 2016]


  • Sexual Fantasy Survey (Ball State University) - This study is designed to further our understanding of people’s sexual fantasies.  The only requirement for participation is that you are at least 18 years of age or older. Participation will take less than 30 minutes of your time and requires only that you complete a brief survey that asks questions about your sexual fantasies, personality traits, sexual attitudes, and sexual history.  You will not be asked to provide any personally identifying information and all data will be collected anonymously. [Added August 23, 2016]


  • Transition to Parenthood Study (Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto) - This study is open to couples who are 12-18 weeks pregnant with their first child (singleton pregnancies only). Eligibility criteria includes: involved in a romantic relationship, living together for at least 6 months, fluent in English, have access to personal e-mail addresses, can complete online surveys, and live in the U.S. or Canada. Participants will have to complete an eligibility screening via phone.  Each partner will be asked to fill out a confidential online survey (approximately 45-60 min) about their sexual and romantic relationship at 7 time-points: 18- and 32-weeks pregnancy, and 2-weeks and 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-months postpartum. Participants will be compensated. [Added July 23, 2016]


  • Variations in Monogamy Study (Champlain College) - While most people assume they know what it means to be monogamous, we as relationship researchers have become increasingly interested in differing ways people seem to actually practice monogamy. What form of monogamy do you practice and how might that affect your experiences of jealousy, commitment, happiness, and communication? In order to participate in this study, participants must self-identify as monogamous and currently be dating or in a romantic relationship. All ages, sexual orientations, and genders are welcome. [Added July 4, 2016]